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Polyurethane mold for Gypsum and Cement

Polyurethane mold for Gypsum and Cement

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Catalog № 547

- Size model : 50 х 50 х 2,5 см ( 19,7* 19,7 * 0,98 inch )

Molds from AzmirStone are a good choice to start your profitable business.

- The mold is made of high quality polyurethane, suitable for casting gypsum and cement-concrete ,
- Suitable for home casting and business.
- Designed for more than 5000 casting cycles
- A very delicate and embossed pattern, worked out to the smallest detail on a CNC machine, tiles are perfectly combined with each other.
- The form is made of the highest quality polyurethane.
- Due to the high quality of polyurethane in the format, there is no sticking.
- It is very easy to remove the finished 3D Panel.
- No need to lubricate.
- All molds undergo rigorous quality checks before packaging.
- Well suited for decorating walls in a children's room.
- It's nice to work with AzmirStone forms.

As a gift to the form goes:
- 2 technologies for casting 3D panels
- Grease for molds
- Fiber Additive
- Hyperplasticizer for gypsum and concrete

Shipping and payment:

- Worldwide delivery.
- payment via PayPal or Other
- Another method of payment: by card, Western Union, SWIFT transfer or another method convenient for you.
- The minimum order of forms for 3d panels - from 1 piece.

Write me your email or WhatsApp number I will send you a catalog of forms! So you can choose the desired model of the form and write me a list of forms for ordering! As soon as I get a list of forms for order , I can do a special listing for you with discounts on forms and delivery!

If you have any questions, write to me, I will be happy to answer them!

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