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Reinforcing polypropylene fiber. Weight 900 gr. Additive to concrete

Reinforcing polypropylene fiber. Weight 900 gr. Additive to concrete

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Reinforcing polypropylene fiber . Weight 900 gr. Additive to concrete

AzmirStone can offer you Reinforcing polypropylene fiber is an effective reinforcing additive. It is evenly distributed in the mixture reinforcing it throughout the volume. The tile becomes strong and at the same time light.

Important! Armwool should be mixed with dry gypsum or concrete only after that you can fill everything in the water!

The consumption of armwool is 150 grams per 40 kg.

At minimal costs, adding reinforcements will increase the strength of the tiles by 100%!

If you have any questions feel free to email me, I will gladly to answer them

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